Music Blog

Welcome to the K&M Music School blog page, where we share insights, ideas, and opinions based on the many years of our private lesson teaching and performing experience. We sincerely hope that you have found answers to questions and concerns regarding private music lessons and helpful information about the K&M Music School on our website. Please visit our Faculty page to learn more about our teachers and their prestigious training in the Russian School of Music Principles and how they can help your child grow in their musical journey.

We believe that parents enjoy learning more about their children’s music education and the benefits of our music school and lesson programs.

Lesson time with students is heavily focused on their instrument, often leaving very little room for extended discussions with them and their parents. Through our blog posts, we desire to find ways to connect with our students and parents and help expand their knowledge and appreciation of classical music traditions.

We hope to explore topics discussing the many benefits of playing an instrument and how it affects your child’s development physically, intellectually, and emotionally. This area is also intended to include other subjects about helping your student succeed in learning their instrument, practice ideas, and motivation.

As a current or prospective music student parent, you likely have questions about the best way to find a teacher or maybe the ideal instrument to purchase. Perhaps you would like to learn more ways to inspire your child as they progress in piano or violin lessons. Questions like these, in addition to the optimal age for a child to begin lessons and how to keep them interested in playing an instrument for many years, are subjects we look forward to discussing through articles or in person.

Please check back with our blog page as we continue to add new material to it and expand on topics that parents, students, and fellow teachers will find helpful in fostering musical growth.