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We instill a love for classical music while inspiring skill and artistry in students of all ages and levels through Piano, Violin, Cello, Saxophone, Bassoon, Harp and Voice lessons.

K&M Music School

Our music lessons (piano, violin, cello, saxophone, bassoon, harp, voice) in San Diego provide an immersive experience for your child to explore the beauty of classical music. We are committed to fostering young talents and helping them develop their full potential. Join us on a musical journey and give your child the gift of music that will last a lifetime!

Music Lessons That We Provide


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Music lessons cultivate self-discipline and focus as students engage in the complex tasks of reading notes and maintaining rhythms. Eyes, ears, and hands must work together when playing an instrument involving parts of the brain that process vision, sound, movement, and memory. Overall, learning music strengthens cognitive brain function!

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Children pursuing music at an early age benefit in their intellectual development and often incorporate concepts from music lessons into their education. Studying classical music is an excellent way to explore world history and cultural arts. Students learn about influential composers whose music has impact the world for centuries.

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Musical achievements are great for college applications since they are reflect social involvement and cultural awareness. Students receive recognition for music mastery through the Certificate of Merit test. Festivals and competitions help students prepare their best musical works. Goals and awards offered through non-competitive auditions with the National Piano Guild.

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Our music school emphasizes the importance of independence and confidence in our students, and we achieve this through recital preparation that requires dedication, resilience, and a positive attitude. We take pride in hosting quarterly recitals for all K&M Music School students, where we recognize and value the progress and accomplishments of each individual.

Our Method of Teaching

Michael Dvoskin is tuning the violin for his beginner student - K&M Music School Violin Lessons for Kids and Adults in San Diego

Welcome to K&M Music School, where our students learn from the proven traditions of the Russian Music School of Performance! Our methodology works well with our ability to provide music lessons for kids.

This sound pedagogical framework focuses on traditional aspects of reading and analyzing music, critical listening, and developing excellent technical skills, which work together as a full-body performing experience.

Our K&M Music School is fortunate to have such highly qualified and experienced music teachers. With their exceptional music education from top-tier universities and years of experience teaching music to students of all ages and levels, they are well-equipped to guide their students toward their full potential. Their passion and dedication to teaching are evident in their exceptional communication skills, their ability to inspire and motivate their students, and their commitment to providing customized lessons that cater to each student’s unique needs and goals.

Our teachers are dedicated to creating a caring and helpful learning environment that encourages creativity and personal growth. Their students greatly admire and respect their expertise and guidance.

Our K&M Music School’s teachers are an invaluable asset to our school, and their dedication to music education is helping to shape the next generation of musicians.

We look forward to working with you and your children in their interest in learning piano, violin, cello, bassoon, or harp. Piano, violin, cello, bassoon & harp lessons for children can be adapted to all levels.

What our clients say

Shawn Wu
Shawn Wu
Ms Tatiana and Ms Katherine are just amazing! Daughter have been learning from them for more than one year and would definitely recommend!
Katherine Dvoskin is an incredible pianist and teacher. Over the past few years, I have worked with her for recitals and competitions. Her professional experience and vast knowledge of performance practice is apparent in the way she plays and guides. I always feel supported when performing with her, and her musicality elevates any performance I have played with her. I highly recommend her as a teacher and collaborator!
Rouzbeh Tahmasebi
Rouzbeh Tahmasebi
K&M Music is the best training center we have experienced in Canada and USA, the instructors teach the theory of music, and based on that the student practices classic compositions, students cannot and are not allowed to memorize the music but rather learn the theory of music, I would recommend this center to everyone who wants to learn music fundamentally.
Gilbert Li
Gilbert Li
Michael is a very skillful, patient teacher with a sense of humor. My boy is very pleasant with him.
Sarah Lamb
Sarah Lamb
Michael is patient, kind, and appropriately firm. Our daughter is thriving and thoroughly enjoys Michael as an instructor. We’re blessed to know K&M.
Brooke Xia
Brooke Xia
I loved taking lessons here. Katherine pushes you enough so you improve at a steady pace. The recitals helped me breakthrough my nervous and introverted self.
Stephanie Van Landuyt
Stephanie Van Landuyt
K and M Music Company has been greatly influential in my life. Both Mrs. Katherine Dvoskin, and her husband, Michael Dvoskin, go above and beyond not only to teach you their respective instrument, but to assist you in other learning aspects regarding music that may arise throughout your musical education. Both instructors are patient, generous and incredibly professional. Not to mention tremendously dedicated to their students ambitions for success. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. -Natalia Cates.
Vladimir Goltsman
Vladimir Goltsman
Great studio! Very professional and high educated instructors with teaching experience from very young students to adults. I would recommend to all my friends.
Alina Steele
Alina Steele
Great music teachers for students of all levels. I highly recommend this studio - best instruction and convenient location.
Mika Quimby
Mika Quimby
My children has been taking lessons for the violin and piano with Michael and Tatiana for over a year, and I’ve been very happy that I chose this place. All teachers here are amazing musicians. They make lessons enjoyable, and also my children are improving with their skills each time after the lessons. I appreciate that they let my children perform together at concerts. It’s been a joy seeing them grow together with music. Highly recommend this music studio for anyone who wants to learn music in San Diego.

Students Who Learn with Us

At K&M Music School, students have the chance to participate in multiple events and performances throughout the year, including three recitals annually, which inspire students to practice and showcase their musical progress. Additionally, the Music Teachers’ Association of California® and National Guild of Piano Teachers offer various musical events, such as the Certificate of Merit® test, festivals, and competitions, that allow students to set and achieve personal goals.

In addition to our regular programs, we are proud to work with Charter Schools such as Pacific Coast Academy, Cabrillo Point Academy, and Mission Vista Academy. Through these partnerships, we extend our reach and offer quality music education to a diverse range of students, ensuring that music remains accessible and enriching for all.

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