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K&M Music School Studio Policy

1. Registration

New families may contact us by email or phone to schedule a complimentary consultation.  K&M Music School values the opportunity to meet with potential students to discuss questions that you and your child may have concerning music study.  Students who choose to study with us may reserve a time in our teaching schedule with a non-refundable registration fee $50.

When you register for lessons you are making a commitment and you are agreeing to the following Studio Policies:

2. Practice Expectations

Students should practice 4-5 days a week. Students need to practice long enough to complete their weekly assignments. The quality of practice time is more important than the quantity of practice time.

3. K&M Payment Police

Payments are due on the first of each month for the entire month, no exceptions.

When there are 5 weeks in a month, tuition needs to be paid for all five weeks.

Paying lesson tuition, you are paying for a slot in our studio. Therefore, if a student misses or cancels a lesson and is unable to make it up, no credit will be given for the missed lesson.

Cancellations: If a student needs to cancel a lesson, please give 24 hour notice whenever possible. I will do the same if I need to cancel for any reason.

Lesson times are standing appointments; a student’s lesson time is exclusively reserved for only them each week, and it is their responsibility to attend. Dance classes and sports teams do not offer reimbursements if you cannot attend a rehearsal or game – music lessons are no different.

Make-Up Lessons: Make-up lessons may be scheduled upon an agreed time between the teacher and student. Make-ups are based on schedules and availability, and may not always be possible. I have no refunds and no lesson credit policy. There is also no guarantee for makeup.

Vacation: When a student goes on vacation, tuition is still due as usual for that month, because the tuition is to hold your spot in our studio.

No payment credit or makeup lessons will be provided for students who miss lessons for any reason.

4. Lesson Option for Illness, Scheduling Conflicts

  • Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp: If you have a cold or flu, or mildly sick? No way to get to lessons? This is a valuable way to keep your individual lesson time and avoid missing a lesson.
  • Video Lesson: Scheduling conflict? Too sick to take online lessons? We’ll record a short video lesson and send it to you within 48 hours, or the student may be asked to send a video of them playing their assignments to receive detailed teacher feedback and instruction.

5. Holidays / studio breaks / teachers cancellations

Please Note that the studio is NOT closed on every state holiday.

K&M Music School studio is ALWAYS closed on:

  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving weekend
  • Dec 23rd – Jan 3rd
  • Spring break 
  • If the Teacher Must Cancel Lessons because of sickness or some other circumstances, lessons will be made up during 30 days.
  • If the teacher is mildly sick, has a cold, flu or Covid-19 all lessons will be online for two weeks. If students do not prefer online lessons they still need to pay for that lesson. Also, we will have a substitute teacher for this time. You are paying for a slot in our studio. Therefore, if a student misses or cancels a lesson no credit will be given for the missed lesson.

6. Covid-19 Protocols

Please do not send your child to lessons if they are contagious with a flu, virus, or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.

Below are the studio policies currently in place::

  • Hand sanitizer is readily available
  • The piano, and all other high-traffic areas are wiped down before each lesson.
  • Food, gum, and non-water drinks are prohibited in the studio.
  • Parents can attend a class with a child.
  • Wearing a mask is not mandatory.

While all lessons are planned to be in person, in case of restriction changes, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp will be an option for all families.

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions regarding any Covid-19 policies.

7. Tuition

Tuition reserves the student’s weekly time slot in the teacher’s schedule throughout the year and is required regardless of attendance.


90 min. lesson- $140 – for professional training

60 min. lesson – $90 – advanced students

45 min. lesson – $80 – intermediate students

30 min. lesson- $70 – for beginner students

15 min lesson- $45 – for small kids 4-5 years kids

Tuition must be paid full at the first lesson of each month.

Payment options: Zelle (kmmusicco@gmail.com), Venmo (Michael Dvoskin), Check (paybell to Michael Dvoskin), cash.

$20 Late Fee for all payments received past the 10 th of the month.

8. K&M Media release

Our studio has an online presence on our website kandmmusicschool.com, Facebook @kandmmusicschool, and Instagram @kandmmusicschool. With permission, I post pictures and videos of what my students are learning and accomplishing. Students will only be identified by their first name. If you would not like your child’s picture online, please let me know when we begin lessons.

9. Staying in touch

Email/Text:  This is the best way to contact us.  If we receive work-related email/texts on Saturday or Sunday, I will get back to you on Monday morning.  Should you email/text Monday to Friday evenings, I may not reply right away.

I shall do my very best to respond within 24 hours.

Email:  info@kandmmusicschool.com    Text:  (858) 588-3938

Please do not text before 8:00am and after 9:00pm.

Phone Calls:   I do not take phone calls while I am teaching, after hours or on weekends.  Please leave a message and I will get in touch with you at my earliest convenience.

Phone:   (858) 588-3938 

K&M Music School