Student Events and Achievements

K&M Music School was part of various classical music events, and through the gallery we are happy to share images of our students performing solos, duos and alongside their professional tutors. The students who choose K&M Music School come from diverse backgrounds and they all share a common trait. They are curious about classical music and feel excited to play a musical instrument! Many prospective students have seen concerts, performances, or videos of great musicians and desire to learn that same musical skill.

We welcome students of all ages and levels, as we believe playing a musical instrument benefits everyone intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Our approach to piano and violin lessons teaches students to analyze music, develop self-awareness as they play, and learn self-correction as their technical abilities improve.

The teachers at K&M Music School believe that private music lessons should lead to opportunities for personal growth, setting music goals, and motivation through achievement. These aspects develop as students advance through age-appropriate curricula and levels of repertoire and increase performance expectations through their years of study.

Our students participate in 3 to 4 recitals yearly, and they often become inspired to practice as they listen to their peers perform. Each student’s progress and musical accomplishments are important to us.

In addition to recitals, K&M Music School students have numerous opportunities for musical growth through events offered by the Music Teachers’ Association of California® and Piano Guild. Participation in the Certificate of Merit® test, plus festivals and competitions, help students set and achieve individual goals.

We value each student as they begin their private lesson experience at our music school. We invite you to learn more about the expectations of our beginner, intermediate, and advanced students and what they can anticipate in piano and violin lessons at K&M Music School.

If you have questions about your child’s age or readiness to begin lessons, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. Adults who wish to enroll as students are also welcome and encouraged to contact us with questions or concerns.