Our Students

K&M Music School offers private music lessons for all ages and skill levels, with experienced instructors dedicated to helping students develop their abilities. Our structured curriculum and tailored lessons allow for continuous growth and progression. We offer classes for preschoolers, K-12 students, and adults, and create a supportive learning environment where students can explore their musical potential and achieve their goals.

Preschool Group


Early music education for preschool group can have a significant impact on their brain development. Research has shown that musical experiences can stimulate the formation of new neural connections, which can lead to improved brain function and higher levels of intelligence.

Moreover, music can have a positive effect on the emotional well-being of preschool group. Listening to music and engaging in musical activities can help soothe and calm babies, reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation. It can also provide a sense of security and attachment, creating a stronger bond between parents and their babies.

In addition to the cognitive and emotional benefits, early music education can also be a fun and enjoyable activity for preschool group. It can provide them with opportunities to explore different sounds and rhythms, experiment with movement and dance, and engage in creative play.

Overall, early music education can be a valuable tool for parents and caregivers to support the healthy development of their babies and toddlers. By introducing music into their daily routines and providing them with access to musical experiences, parents can help their children develop a lifelong love and appreciation for music, and provide them with a foundation for future success.

kid enjoying music lesson - K&M Music School Music Lessons for Preschool Kids in San Diego

Students K-12


K&M Music School believes music is crucial for K-12 education. We teach beginners fundamental concepts, posture, and muscle control, leading to notation, theory, and playing pieces. K-12 students improve their skills and expand their repertoire, encouraged to learn from mistakes, become curious about new composers, and cultivate a lifelong love of music.

Research shows music has cognitive, social, and emotional benefits, enhancing academic performance, critical thinking, and teamwork. It promotes self-discipline, self-esteem, and emotional release, especially valuable during tough times. Our program develops K-12 students holistically, helping them succeed in and out of the classroom.

Student has a flowers after performance - K&M Music School Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults in San Diego



Learning music as an adult can be a fulfilling experience that offers numerous cognitive and emotional benefits. Studies have demonstrated that music education can enhance memory, concentration, and attention span, while also reducing stress and anxiety.

Additionally, learning music can provide a sense of accomplishment and a way to challenge oneself in a positive manner. Whether it involves discovering a new instrument, exploring diverse musical genres, or participating in a community ensemble, adults can find joy and fulfillment in music that can enhance their overall well-being.

Furthermore, music can offer opportunities for social interaction and community involvement, which can be especially significant for adults who want to broaden their social networks or find a new sense of purpose.

Adult piano student performs - K&M Music School Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults in San Diego