Tatiana Petrosyan

Cello & Piano Teacher

Tatiana Petrosyan - Cello & Piano Teacher at K&M Music School in San Diego

Meet Tatiana Petrosyan, an accomplished cellist with 40+ years of experience in performing and teaching. She holds a Master of Music Degree in cello performance from the famous St. Petersburg Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov has played for prestigious orchestras like the Moscow State Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra and the Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Tatiana’s talent extends beyond her performing career; she’s also an excellent teacher. Using her decades of experience, she’s developed a teaching approach that achieves remarkable success in the music industry. Her dedication and passion for music make her highly respected among her colleagues.

Tatiana’s expertise is not only limited to cello playing, but she’s also a teacher of piano students throughout her career. She has taught both cello and piano to over 400 students. Her teaching style is engaging and effective, allowing her students to excel under her tutelage.

Tatiana’s students have been recognized for their exceptional talent and skill, which is a testament to her impactful teaching approach. Tatiana’s passion for music inspires her students to achieve their full potential.

Through her extensive experience, personalized teaching approach, and unwavering commitment, Tatiana continues to be a mentor and guide to aspiring musicians. Her impressive resume is a tribute to her incredible journey as a cellist, educator, and inspiration in the music industry.